Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Name Game

The other day, Dan and were having lunch with a mutual colleague and friend. She asked us if we had any nicknames for Linus, and once we started rattling off our list, we realized it was quite extensive!

Here are some of the alternate names that Linus has gone by on and off since being born:
Honey Bee (his very first nickname that I've been using since he was few hours old... now I feel all sentimental thinking of his sweet newborn snuggles)
Little Bug, Bug, and The Bug (probably the nickname we use the most)
Buggy Baby
Tubby Little Buggy all Stuffed with Fluff
Buddy (of course! this one's a classic)
Little Liney/Wittle Winey ("Little Liney, bright and shiney, you don't have to be so whiney!")
Lionel (this one came from my sister and has been another nickname that's "stuck" - at least for her - since very early on)
L-Dawg (or if he's particularly sassy, L Dawgy Dawg)
Goob-Dawg (we're fond of the "dawg" thing over here; or maybe that's just me...?)
Boogery Bob (a recent addition, due to teething and colds and the overall boogery-ness of winter)
Sweet Potato Head
Little Giggle Baby
Captain Poopy Pants

I'm sure I'm missing a few; we're all about the goofy nicknames in our household. It's a wonder this boy has managed to figure out which name is the "real" one through all of this other silly gibberish.

What's your take on nicknames? Does your little one have an ever-growing list like Linus, or do you stick to his or her real name?