Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Massive... BLOG POST!

Well, "super massive" might not be quite the word for this particular post, but I have fantastic news: I am currently downloading all 697 photos from my camera onto my computer! WOOHOO! (also, today I was listening to Muse - "Super Massive Black Hole"; obviously, I was inspired!)

I would absolutely love to play photo catch-up tonight, but it is getting late and, alas, tomorrow is Monday which means that I am back to work. *pout* The unfortunate thing about weekends is that they just go by too fast!

As far as I can remember, photos will be appearing from:
-Dan's handy work (aka the shelf behind our bar in all its glory)
-2 weddings - Vickie and Wyatt as well as Katie and Eddie
-and... probably some more random things.... who knows; it's been so long since I uploaded, it will be a surprise to me, too! YAY! (ok, maybe I'm a little too excited... or just over tired?)

Hopefully *crosses fingers* there will be a series of posts up by tomorrow. Hold tight, NA Fans (I just decided that's the new name for anyone reads this. NA = Newlywed Adventures) (edit: ok, I think I should ban myself from posting right before bed time); the blog will not be vacant for much longer! *^.^*


Leah Mulhearn said...

I was going to tell you that Jim says we have an extra USB cord, but it sounds like you found one!

Brittany said...

I borrowed it from my my mom. Dan and I have one from our video camera too, but the end that goes into the camera is the wrong size. Thank you, though! :)