Friday, January 2, 2009

Hodge Podge

I don't have any photos at the moment due to a lack of USB cable (hopefully, I'll be remedying that quite soon!), however, I did promise a new post! It's unfortunate that it needs to be sans-pictures because I was really hoping to show off Dan's handy work on a recent project. With any luck, I should be able to post some within the next week. Anyway... on with the post!

Part 1: Christmas! (and New Year's, too! Happy Birthday, Rose ^-^)

Ah, our first Christmas together - a major milestone of our first year together, all gone so quickly! I probably say this every year (as we all do), but I can't believe Christmas is over already! To me, it is by far the highlight of the year. Time to start counting down to next Christmas!

I'm going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible (I could really get carried away if I let myself... Christmas Eve was spent at my parent's house with Chris, Stacie, Jamie and Ashley, Darren and Jenn, and Nana. There was a lot of food, some boogie-ing down to Christmas toons, and present opening (mostly by Jamie and Ashley, the little ones). Also, Daniel finally saw The Christmas Story all the way through (he still doesn't understand all the hype). Post dinner and presents, we met up with the Welding side of the family at St. John's for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

Christmas morning we opened stockings at home and took our family Christmas portrait by the tree. We then went over to the Weldings and spent the day with everyone!! All the siblings and the extras were present as well as Aunt Sallie and (of course!!) Dan's parents. We had a wonderful present filled morning, a traditional Christmas afternoon nap, and a lovely dinner in the evening.

Saturday was the Welding Christmas party, which Dan could unfortunately not attend due to work. It was at Aunt Betty's convent in Bryn Mawr. The highlight of the party?? I won a prize while doing an activity!! It was a combination radio-calendar-calculator.

Sunday my parents and Nana came over for dinner and to do presents (we didn't get a chance to open gifts from my parents on Christmas Eve). It was the first time Nana saw the house, and she was tickled :)

The days leading up to New Years are a Wii-filled blur.

New Year's Eve also happens to be Rose's birthday (this year was her 21st!!), so we spent the night over at 450 again celebrating both holidays.

Part 2: Home Improvement

Dan has been all about improving the house lately. He has also been on a re-design kick and has been plotting ways to combine our bedroom with my now office and add in a larger master bathroom. Until we can properly plan (and afford) any major work, he has been concentrating on small things here and there, which have been making a big difference in the house. The latest project was a shelf behind the bar. It has metal hangers for our wine glasses underneath, which cleared out some cabinet space where they used to be. Also, it looks really pretty with the glasses hanging upside down. It's practical, and a nice statement piece in the dining room. I'm very pleased with our bar area.

We also acquired some new furniture. We were given two blue leather sofas from Chris' parents, which are extremely comfortable and are exactly what we needed in the entertainment room. Darren gave us an island for the kitchen. He had it in his old house and hasn't found a use for it since moving to his place in Woodbury Heights. It's an amazing help when preparing meals.

Part 3: The Newest Welding

As you all know, Phoebe is our baby. She is the cat that was able to win Dan's heart (a large feat, indeed!!). Hopefully, our next pet will also be able to work it's furry magic... Dan and I are getting a bunny!!!!!! I'm definitely more excited than my other half. I've been wanting a bunny for as long as I can remember. Dan is being a fantastic husband by allowing me to live out this dream ^-^ (I think it helps that the bunny and it's cage are free).

The bunny is coming from my brother's co-worker (whose wife happens to be an Eastern alum.... small world!); it is a 1 year old black mini rex and it's a girl! Her current name is Blackberry Buttons, but I'm planning on changing it to Bun-Bun (yup, I've already caught a lot of flack for that name from Dan and others, but I'm sticking to it!!). Hopefully she'll be here within the next couple of days. I can't wait!!

Well, that was much longer than I intended, and I feel like I left so much out! C'est la vie, that's what I get for waiting half a month to update.

Look for photos soon!


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Hello! Congrats on your wedding, Britty! This is a shot of hello and Happy New Year from HKH! Feel free to email me!

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Hey Britters enjoyed all your info.
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