Thursday, March 18, 2010


Please meet my mighty mint plant:

I call her Minty. She is one tough herb!

When I bought Minty last year, she was in a tiny little pot and I'd used most of the leaves by the time summer was over. Since I've heard that mint is a pretty hearty plant, I was hopeful that spring would bring new growth.

Then winter happened.

I was worried about our little porch garden during the abundance of snow. I really didn't think that any of our plants stood a chance after being buried in the white fluffy stuff on three different occasions (as a side note, I'm so thrilled to be referring to winter and snow in past tense).

But, Minty has proved me wrong. Just look at that plant! It's ginormous! And it's growing flowers! I didn't realize that mint was even a flowering plant! I'm so pleased.

She's like a cute, little minty monster.

Anyway... now I'm anxious to find some recipes to use my mint leaves in, aside from my go to summer party food: watermelon salad with mint leaves and feta or gorgonzola cheese (yum!). I'd love to hear some suggestions!

And after my luck with Minty (and because of the money she's saved me!) I will also most definitely be expanding my herb garden this year.


Amanda said...

Mint in some tea with lemon balm would be awesome!!!

I left my herbs out in the snow to see if they would survive but I don't think they did - I started seedlings last week so we'll see how they do!

JMJE said...

Oooh that's awesome. I really want a bunch of herb plants but I'm not so good at keeping plants alive. I can't think of any mint recipes off the top of my head but the watermelon salad sounds good.

Kara said...

Mint Mojitos!!! :) yum!

Rene W. said...

So cute :) That's good to know... I kill any plant I come in contact with so I'm always on the lookout for good hearty plants!

Mrs Gloves said...

I've been wanting to have an herb garden but thought I didn't have enough space. Seeing your porch garden has inspired me.

apple wrangler said...

oh mint is the best! that stuff goes CRAZY! i planted a small amt in my backyard a few years ago and it ended up taking up a 10x10 square by the next spring! i second the Mojitos motion. :)

The Suburban Gal said...

My mint is making a comeback, too. Third year! It sat in the snow all winter & now, under the dead tree leaves, there are lovely fragrant shoots. Yay for Minted Watermelon salad & mojitos! I also make lemonade w/ berries & mint...yum. My chives are also coming back. Can't wait to get the rosemary, cilantro & basil started.