Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the Winners Are...


I used the random number generator from to choose the winners, but since I was having issues trying to copy the image into my blog, you'll just have to trust me that it told me the winners were 3 and 5 :)

Cassandra will be getting the set of record bowls and CJ will be getting the clock. I'll be contacting you guys shortly!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!

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Kara said...

Oh mannnn I'm SO JEALOUSSSS!!

Can you please set up your etsy shop asap because I'm dying to get one of your clocks!!!! HURRYYYY

Helen McGinn said...

*LOL* LOVE the face! We're just back from St Andrews which was fun. I love camping, we're hoping to go soon but the weather here is just so abysmal!