Sunday, January 27, 2013

Linus in the Snow - What a Saucy Fellow

On Friday, we got some snow. Nothing crazy, but about an inch stuck. Enough to take Linus out for his very first snow experience!

Saturday morning, after his nap, I got him bundled up in his snowsuit, a la Randy from a Christmas Story:

He was, surprisingly, not too bothered by this puffy monstrosity (a consignment find I've had since October).

We got outside, I sat him down in the fluffy, white, cold stuff and waited for a reaction. It was first time in the snow! I expected: glee! wonderment! joy! laughter! something!

What I got was this:

He looked at the snow. Looked up and down the street. And then just sat there, not moving, and looking about as impressed with the whole situation as McKayla Maroney.

So, we hung out outside for all of 10 minutes while I threw snowballs and rolled around on the ground, giggling - trying to show him all the fun he was missing - until he got bored/cold and started whining. I think it took me longer to wrestle him into the snowsuit.

Oh well. There's always next year!