Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Hello! Let's Try Again.

Oh, hi there.

Somewhere between balancing work, and an increasingly active little one, as well as trying to keep up with house work (who am I kidding? I don't do housework...) and sleep, I've forgotten my humble blog... since... September. Oops! I need my outlet in my tiny corner of the interwebs back.

So let's kick things off (again... I know...) with an update about the little Goober (since I claim to be a mommy-blogger these days and all; seems appropriate, right?). Last I left you, he was just starting to roll over. And now that's, like, so 5 months ago. Rolling? Psh! That's for amateurs. Now he's crawling, pulling, up, and cruising! My little blob of a baby is beginning his transition into toddler-hood (which, p.s., um... yikes! I'm still getting that hang of this baby thing over here. Can we slow it down for a hot second?).

Since September he's been through four (!!!) major holidays, which of course are big firsts in the life of a baby. Linus celebrated Halloween as R2D2, he feasted on deep fried turkey with all the trimmings at Thanksgiving, and we celebrated our butts off the whole week between Christmas and New Year with both sides of the family, despite some sickness and teething (speaking of which, he's up to 6 teeth now, and I can officially declare that teething is dumb and awful).

Linus has also reached double digit months (he's 10 months as of January 14!), which means we're racing toward the one year mark a little too quickly. You know how time just keeps getting speedier the older you get? It jumps into warp speed once you start raising offspring.

Of course, being so precariously close to the one year mark also means that I've also been diving head first into first birthday planning! Oh yes. Really, it's going to be quite low-key, and low-budget but it's also going to be AWESOME. I'll be posting more on that later. so I'll keep the details at a minimum. Really, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this time last year I was still (ginormously) pregnant and planning for my new arrival, and now I'm almost the mother of a one year old. One year olds seem like something for more experienced mothers. Surely, I can't be among those ranks yet? I can't think about it too much, so instead I'm diverting my attention to guest lists, finding the perfect e-vite, menu planning, and all the fun little details that will make it a special day for Linus. (Han Burgers and Boba Fet-a Pizza, anyone? Ok, that's a pretty obvious hint at the theme).

But, enough about party planning...

Probably the most enjoyable thing over the past few months has been watching his personality really begin to emerge. He is curious. He loves to explore. He loves to laugh. He does not like to sit still AT ALL (which has made diaper changes all the more interesting). The kid LOVES to eat. For the most part, he is a pretty chill dude, but if he is upset, he will certainly let you know! He is wary of crowds, but he loves one-on-one interactions. We're still working on the whole sleep thing, but it's getting better, little by little. He has toys that he prefers over others (when he actually plays with his actual toys and not electrical wires, trash cans, bottles of lotion, and any other number of random choking hazards). His smile and laugh are infectious and he is quite the charmer.

Not to allude you that it's all goodness all the time. Motherhood isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are the days that make me want to tear my hair out, especially when he's busy with those electrical cords, but all in all, most days he is busy finding new ways to make me a proud mama and being an all around cutie pie.

And now you're all caught up in the life of Linus! Until at least tomorrow, when he'll shock me with another new trick.

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Jennifer said...

Linus is getting cuter by the day! We are also up to 6 teeth at our house - dumb and awful and downright mean, I'm thinking. Also - the R2D2 costume is priceless