Friday, December 5, 2008

a birthday and some more christmas pictures

I was hoping to have this images in a different order, but it's late and I'm not about start playing with the html at the expense an extra 20 minutes of sleep... Anyway, here are a few nuggets from the last few days...

"Our First Christmas Together" a gift from my madre for my b-day :)

Rosie needed some Christmas cheer, so we surrounded her with pot holders. (does that go against everything she stands for?)

Some holiday baking for Grand Illuminations (a Christmas event hosted by the EU Alumni Office). I made festive cupcakes, peanut butter logs (Daniel helped me roll the peanut butter mixture all up into balls), and a chocolate-almond pound cake. yum!

A shot of our window lights at night... so pretty!!

Having some fun with one of my b-day gifts from Daniel - a giant can of aqua net! This is what I get for complaining that I needed hairspray ^-~

Walton Hall - one of the main buildings at Eastern - with a wreath! Eastern's campus is pretty!! There will be more Christmas EU pictures post Grand Illuminations tomorrow

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