Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmastime is here at last! We have been listening to Christmas tunes since the honeymoon and now we can officially start celebrating the season! I have already watched Elf 1.5 times and Dan and I have sat down together to watch both Charlie Brown Christmas specials and the Grinch. We also decorated *^.^* Having a whole house was tricky, but loads of fun.

The decorations went up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Now, all we need is a tree and we'll be set! (in the meantime, we have a balsam and cedar scented candle)

The centerpiece of our dining room table- really simple to make, but it looks gorgeous! I'm thinking about photoshopping this image into our Christmas card:

The kitchen... I had to turn the kitchen window into our mantle for now since we don't have a fireplace. We only have little stockings at the moment, so it works out well (the 3rd stocking in the middle is for Pheebers ^.^):

Dan and I bought advent calendars while we were in the Poconos (his is the blue one of the right, and mine's the red one to the left). We also picked up this "collector's" plate from McDonald's. It was cute, and I'm a sucker for all things Christmas:

My Auntie Diane got us this beautiful nativity as a wedding present. I decided to be Biblical and set the wise men up across the way from the manger since they were still traveling ;) The guy that keeps kneeling really slowed them down:

Our dining room table with wintery placemats and our dinky little fake tree:

Twinkle lights around the window and the bar! They look so pretty at night and show up really well when you look at the house from the outside. Also, after 4 years of attempting to hang Christmas lights in a dorm room with nothing but tape, it was very satisfying to be able to hang the lights using a staple gun; this method saved a lot of frustation:

Last, but not least, we also decorated Phoebe!! She is such a good sport. We also got her a Christmas cat nip toy to make for any embarassment we may cause her:

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Amy said...

Ahahahaha! That guy that keeps kneeling is really slowing them down!

I laughed soooo hard. Love you so much Britters! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

<3 Amy