Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Hate Running: Log 2 & 3 - Ups and Downs

I feel like a lot has happened (good and bad) since my first running log, which is crazy considering I'm only on Week 3.

The beginning of last week was fantastic! I was right on track with my Week 2 workout (run 1.5 min/walk 2 min) and even pushing myself to do 2 minutes of running on every other cycle.

I was really focusing on regulating my breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and I have been amazed at the fact that I have not been losing my breath nearly as easily as I did the first week. Initially, I thought that was going to be my biggest hurdle, but I think the gradual increase in running (vs. just trying to run straight off the bat) has been much better for my body.

All in all, I was feeling really quite optimistic and excited last week...

Until Friday, that is. Grrr. That's when the pain in my left knee set in.

It was not just the typical, beautiful soreness that I've been experiencing post-run. It was sharp every time I stepped. I ignored it (which was dumb) when I first noticed it about half way through my run because I didn't want to feel like a failure. But, by my final cycle, I couldn't ignore it anymore and walked the last 7 minutes or so.

From what I've learned about running thus far, pain is not to be ignored, or pushed through. It means that something could be wrong and pushing it will only make it worse. I believe the culprit of the pain is my unsupportive old sneakers. Number one on my priority list at the moment is to acquire a good pair running shoes. Dan (who is a former cross country runner) also gave me a few pointers on my form, which may have also contributed to my pain.

As a result of the pain, I have been taking it quite lightly during Week 3, since even walking normally makes it hurt. I feel pretty bummed that I'm already out on the sidelines with an injury, but I want to make sure that I take care of it properly before continuing my training. Thankfully, I already have a physical scheduled for next Tuesday, so I can chat with my doctor about what to do with my knee.

This week, even though I wasn't running, I wanted to be sure that I was still doing something so that I don't get out of the habit of coming home, changing into my running clothes, and heading out. So, I filled my 30 minutes with extra stretching and light walks.

On Wednesday, I decided to walk to our local library, which ended up being closer than I thought and smack dab in the middle of a beautiful park with a perfect running/walking loop (you better believe I'll be taking full advantage of it). While I was there, I signed up for a card and checked out a book about preventing and treating running injuries and another book about stretching.

And now you can really see how much of a dork I am, because I was so enthused about finally finding the library and my selection of books, that I promptly called my mom to tell her about it and was practically skipping home while we chatted. I'm sure I had a big 'ole cheesy grin on my face, too.

All in all, even though my running routine has been interrupted, I feel like it's still been a productive couple of weeks. And, oddly enough, the fact that I'm sincerely disappointed about not being able to run is encouraging. If this would have happened to me any of the other times I tried running, I would have used it as an easy excuse to give up. But, not this time! As soon as I'm heeled, getting back out to run is going to feel so good.

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