Thursday, April 29, 2010


Phone conversation with my husband, 3:30 this afternoon:

Dan: Hey, are you going to your thing tonight?

Me: Yeah, we're meeting in Collegeville at 6:00. I'll probably be home around 9:00.

Dan: Ok, well, while your out, can you pick up toothpaste? And, uh, do you need any other bathroom stuff?

Me: Um, no... I guess I'll just swing by CVS on my way home so I don't forget.

Dan: Ok, well, can you also pick up my body wash? ...Actually, I wanted to wait until after you get home so I can make you a list of things you can pick up while you're out.

Me: Wait a second... If I'm already busy tonight, why don't you go get the stuff?

Dan: Because I'm fat and lazy...?

Me: (silence)

Dan: Ok, you're right. I'll go. Love you!

Me: Good answer. Love you, too.


Shana said...

I can so see my hubs doing Thanks for the laugh.

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Mwa ha ha! I can totally see this with my husband...but in reverse! @_@

Jena Vincent said...