Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I must have been one lucky lady last week!

First of all, I won a giveaway from Nen @ Living the Small Town Life. She has a lovely blog that you must check out. She is a loves to sew and gave away an adorable tissue holder (which has already come in handy!) and a matching drawstring bag. Even the package it came in was too cute. I love the little lamb sticker and the Garfield comic wrapping.

Thanks so much, Nen! I love my tissue holder and bag!

In other bloggy news, I was also awarded with the Honest Scrap Award from Sara @ A Note on the Screen Door. Sara has another wonderful, sweet blog about her life, her Prince, and her daughter, Pretty Little Barefeet. Thanks, Sara!

As per the rules of the award, here are 10 honest facts about me:

1. I have three tattoos. An Ichthus on my lower back, a cat laying in flowers on my stomach, and a dove on my left ankle.

2. I was a vegetarian for almost 3 years, from about age 14 - 17. There are weeks when I eat like a vegetarian, and I rarely eat beef.

3. When I first started college, I thought that I was going to major in Japanese. I ended up majoring in Psychology, because I loved my school (which only had a semester and a half of Japanese) and didn't want to transfer.

4. I've had four cars in only 7 years and they've all been named: Fluffykins, Priscilla, Pearl, and Polly.

5. The first thing I ever baked, I made chocolate chip brownies. They're one of my mom's speciality and they are amazing.

6. Chocolate is my favorite food.

7. I own a bowling pin.

8. Wegman's might be my favorite store of all time. I look for any excuse to go the one that was just built in Collegeville. I was even there on opening day (although, that was a big mistake). The store has a flippin' Pub inside of it. A Pub! How cool is that?

9. My favorite movie is Cinderella. At one point, I considered auditioning to be Cinderella in Disney World.

10. Although I love the flavor of coconut, I hate eating coconut. The texture reminds me dead skin. Yuck! I'll stick with Pina Coladas.

There you have it. Now to pass the award along to.

1. Genevieve @ Lil Miss Explorer (she just started her amazing travel blog. There is a ton of fabulous advice for traveling cheap).

Make sure you check these guys out!

And lastly, I won this:

Four bottles of Chimay, and six Chimay glasses (I was really hoping to win the $60 gift certificate to Headlight Tatoo, but c'est la vie. Chimay is a pretty darn good prize, too).

Dan and I went to a fundraising dinner and silent auction in dirty Jerz this past Friday to support a great organization called Pet Savers. My SIL is really involved with the group, which helps support programs for companion animals and reduces euthanasia rates at a local animal shelter. It was a ton fun - great food, a great cause, and of course, great prizes!


Amanda said...

AWWWWWW thank you soooooo much!!!! I am totally blushing right now and I'll post my blog passing it along tomorrow since I already blogged today!

Kara said...

Fun!!!! You are a lucky duck winner all around this weekend! :) <3

Mrs Gloves said...

Thanks Brittany! I have something for you to add to your winnings. You are one of the winners of the Tyson Giveaway!

Genevieve said...

Thanks Brittany!!! love ya! :)))
I'm a winner too now, ha

Nen said...

congrats to all of your winnings! WOOT!