Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Hate Running - Log 5: Back in the Game

This post is going to be short and sweet!

My knee is feeling great and my new Asics are lovin' on my feet. I got back into my running routine this week with wonderful results.

I was worried that I'd be back to square one, after two weeks sans running, but I am excited to report that I picked up right where I left off. I only ran twice this week, but both times I was able to run for 2 minutes and walk for 2. The last week that I ran, I was running 1.5 and walking 2, so I'm right on track. I also found a better loop around my neighborhood with far less hills, which has been a big help.

And for little more good news: I lost another 4.5 pounds this week! That is a grand total of 7. I'm feeling pretty stoked :)

For the week ahead, and I will be working on running for 2.5 and walking walking 2.


Sara said...

You are doing awesome! Keep it up! There is nothing better than the "high" that I feel after a good run. I can't remember hating running, but I am fairly certain that I did hate it when I first started, years ago.

Have a good week!

Amanda said...

I keep getting on and off the workout wagon but maybe all of these great blogs I read will give me the encouragement I need to keep going!

Nen said...

i wish i had your motivation! i loathe running!!! i do have a bike... but i feel kinda weird riding it! lol

thanks for your comment on my post... i appreciate it!