Sunday, June 20, 2010

Approximately 18 1/2 in 31

My deadline for my 31 in 31 list officially came and went as of yesterday. Did I manage to get it all done? Not quite... but, I did accomplish over half of it.

Completed Tasks:

-Go to China Town.
-Bake something fun (I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies - which received rave reviews! - and sour cream pound cake).
-Finish reading The Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Shelia Kitzinger.
-Start reading Ourselves as Mothers, also by Shelia Kitzinger.
-Play mini-golf.
-Go swimming.
-Do something new with my hair (I didn't do anything exciting... I've just been trying to do something other than my signature low pony w/ a side part).
-Help my aunt move into her new apartment.
-Find my iPod and load it with new music (go figure, it was in the purse the whole time!).
-Try out a new, local farmers market (went to Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA to pick strawberries)
-Re-vamp my blog (big thanks to Steph @ A Grande Life Goodies for my cute new blog design!).
-Scope out the library and see if they have any books from the DONA reading list and/or buy a couple more online

That's 18 officially crossed off. What about that 1/2 that I mentioned in the title? I got started on a few other tasks, but just didn't get them finished in time:

-Spring clean and organize the apartment:

Honestly? The only reason I actually got my butt moving on this one is because I knew that it was on the list (and ominously positioned at the number 1 spot!). Organizing is so not my forte and I just plain hat cleaning. But, for the sake of my list, I did clean out my front and linen closets, completely de-constructed my (stupid, glass) TV stand and gave it a good cleaning, cleaned off and reorganized a few shelves, got rid of a bunch of stuff, and make my desk look more presentable. I have a lot more to do, but it's a start!

-Make 2 more record clocks:

I have one in the works!

-Drop 6-8 more pounds:

I dropped 4 more pounds since making this list, so I was close! I'm not disappointed, though. I'm still averaging about a pound a week and have lost 15 overall (woot! go me!)

-Have all the parents over for dinner:

My "mistake" here was giving the moms the option of either coming over for dinner or coming over to go shopping at the outlets. The outlets won hands down. Us ladies had a fun day of shopping, but the dads stayed home. So, dinner is still in the planning stages.

Even though I didn't complete my list, I still feel like I had a pretty productive month, and I'm kind of in love with this whole list-making thing these days. I love being able to cross things off and see how much I've accomplished. Plus, when you have a list to refer back to, it's so much not to forget wanted you to do - brilliant!! Why didn't I think of this before?

What about you... are you a list-a-holic?

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Aubrey S. said...

I think you should be pretty proud of yourself. That was a whole bunch to get done.

Kimberly said...

Love the goal list and I agree, you should be very proud of yourself! Very productive!!

JMJE said...

I think 18 and a half is pretty good. I think I need to keep my own list like this so I can organize all the things I want to do but forget or run out of time.

Steph said...

Thanks for the comment - I did post a reply on there, but I'm not sure how my blog is set up at the moment to let someone know if I made a response. Computer challenged, big time here, lol. I was reading this post, and I went to West Chester University! I never knew about the Farmer's Market there. Wish I had my freshman year, maybe there would have been more fruits and veggies and less chips and pretzels. I also saw the outlets bit - have you been to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets? I'd love to go sometime, but I'm wondering if it's worth my trip.

Vickie said...

Awesome job! You got a ton done. I'm liking this list thing too! It's fun and even if I don't accomplish everything I still feel like I accomplish more than if I had never written a list.

Rene W. said...

You did an awesome job!! I love the new blog look & I am especially proud of your organizing :) Congrats on your weight loss too! I am right behind ya!!

Grace said...

You're batting higher than .500, and that's enough for a massive contract in the major leagues. Congratulations!

Nen said...

it throws me off that your comment thing is at the top now!

i am not a list-maker... however, I seem to get more done if i DO make a list! (i hate cleaning too!)

congrats on your weight loss! yea!

Screen Door Prep said...

I am for sure a list-a-holic!, & I think you should pat yourself on the back - you accomplished a lot! Love the new look of the blog!!!

(PS. The comment thing @ the top threw me for a loop, too!)

Steph said...

BTW - I have a blog award for you! Please check out my latest post to receive it, and enjoy! :)