Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He's onto Me...

The other day, on the way home from work, I told my husband that I needed new pants why do I need new pants, you ask? Because mine are getting too big!! I blame running :)

This was the rant that followed:

"Now wait a second. You say you 'need pants', but I know exactly what's going to happen (you do, do you?): You're going to go to 14 different stores and get all upset because you can't find 'anything that fits' (true statement - all that low-rise, skin-tight nonsense was not made for people with hips! I actually hate shopping for pants). Instead you're going to come home with 3 t-shirts and a cardigan (well, if I'm given a budget to go shopping with, why would I let it go to waste just because I couldn't find what I was looking for?). And you're going to start telling me in detail how cute they are and what good deals you found (because I'm an awesome bargain shopper and the world needs to know about adorable clothes at 90% off!). And a week later? You're going to complain that you need new pants (um, yup)."

Yeah. He's totally onto me ...but, he still told me that I could go pants shopping this weekend ;)


CJ Sime said...

Foiled again!

*FANTASTIC* husband. Not many husbands are that observant. Lucky you!

(way to go on needing smaller pants!!!!!!!)

Mrs Gloves said...

I could have written the same exact thing. Good thing we have understanding men in our lives!

Kara said...


JMJE said...

Last week I went shopping for shirts to wear to work. Instead I came home with an not appropriate for work sundress and no shirts. I like the dress though.