Monday, June 7, 2010

"Jam" Packed Weekend

I haven't been too on top of blogging this past week. It's been a busy few days, and alas, I didn't even spend a single second on my computer this weekend. Crazy, I know!

I should also confess: I've been delaying my next post partly because I'm planning my first giveaway. I'm pretty darn excited about it! Here's the reason for the delay: Originally, I wanted it to coincide with my 100th post, but since you are currently reading my 100th post (woohoo! triple digits!), and my giveaway is not quite ready... I'm pushing it back a bit.

So, I decided that since the first 20 posts of my blog were actually imported from my previous blog, Newlywed Adventures, technically this really isn't #100, right? I'm going to split the difference and do my giveaway in my 110th post. Now that I've written it down and made it public, I have to stick to it! Are you curious yet? I'm not spilling the beans until 110!

But, in the meantime, I'll regale you with the scenes from my jam packed weekend.

It started out with a dinner at Panera Bread with Amy @ Little Miss Moon Blossom and Kara @ Lil Miss Wisecracker where we enjoyed refreshing strawberry poppy seed salads. After that, it was onto the Greek Festival:

We made it just time to watch these guys do some traditional Greek dances. They were fantastic! And the costumes? Amazing!

We didn't do much at the carnival except wander around and play the Frog Bog game. Sadly, none of us won, but we did end up with this sassy picture:

We concluded the evening with a trip to Zwahlen's for some of the best ice cream in town, and an impromptu trip to the movies and the grocery store.

Saturday, I spent most of the day with my hubby. We relaxed by the pool, spent some time reading, and swam for the first time this summer! It was glorious. I am ecstatic that our apartment complex has a pool. I'll be spending many lazy days over the next few months.

Sunday, Vickie @ Little Miss Suburban Homesteader drove to PA to teach us how to make strawberry jam.

Planning our "jam session" was a bit chaotic, and even after a few location changes and a couple time changes, Vickie almost wasn't able to make due to car issues. Thankfully, her car ended up being ok and we were able to rendezvous with her Highland Farm where we picked the main ingredient for our jam: the strawberries!

And, my goodness, were they delicious!!! Just feast your eyes about these little beauties (thank goodness we got more than we needed and were able to let the snacking ensue):

Down to business! We mashed 5 cups of berries:

Brought them a wild boil with the pectic and sugar all mixed in:

And filled up nearly 9 jars with gooey goodness:

Here's the finished product, cooling on the counter and popping away as the lids sealed:

Yes, the jam is just as delicious as it looks :)

(I also managed to knock 3 more things off my 31 in 31 list this weekend!)


The Suburban Gal said...

Wait! You didn't eat at the Greek Fest?!?! That was the main reason we went to the OPA Festival last week in Elkins Park...Gyros...honey...dessert...mmmmm.

I need to learn to make jam/preserves! I know it's not too hard, it's that pesky time thing.

Amanda said...

I love strawberry jam :) its the best thing in the summer on a toasted english muffin!!!!!

Nen said...

I hope a jar of strawberry jam is in your giveaway! hahaha! It looks GOOD!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Vickie said...

Yay jam!!

Katie said...

Looks so yummy! I've driven by that Greek fest many times, but have never gone. Maybe next year. :)

Rose said...

I can't believe you went strawberry picking somewhere else. I am very disappointed Brittany.

JMJE said...

1-I really want to make strawberry jam. My mom used to always make it when I was little. 2- I love Greek Festivals. They have one in my hometown every yer.