Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Blatantly Narcissistic Post About My Hair

Wow - I was shocked (shocked I tell you!) at how many comments I got on my recent hair post. I feel so loved! (...unless you were just subtly trying to tell me that my hair style totally sucked and I needed to change it - pronto!)

Either way, I was very glad for the advice, and finally made up my mind. So, thanks for all the suggestions!

Now it's time for the big unveiling - drum roll please......

Is it just me, or are my eyes kind of creepy in this picture? At least my hair looks good ;)

Ta da!

I went for the in-between cut, slightly shorter in the back and layers around the face (although, the mullet was tempting...).

Admittedly, I don't love it, but I do like it a lot! I'm sort of lamenting not getting bangs, but I know in a few weeks time I'd be frustrated with them.

Also, it does look almost exactly how my hair looked before getting snipped - just 5 inches shorter - which is kind of anti-climatic after waiting over 365 days. But, it is a style that works me and I can still pony-tail it for running and bad hair days. So, all in all, I'm a happy camper.

As a side note, my super thrifty self is pleased that I ended up not getting charged for the blow dry. The girl who conditioned my hair (no shampoo, because I pre-wash with BS LJ before going to the salon) didn't wash it all out. My hair was a tad on the greasy side for the rest of the day, but hey, I saved $13!! I'll consider that a win any day :D

And, just for kicks and giggles, here is a completely unrelated, yet absolutely adorable, photo of Phoebe from this weekend:

Happy Monday!


apple wrangler said...

i love it! you are adorable! (havent been on the computer lately, but just had a fun time catching up on your blog!:)U still doing the no-poo thang?

Anonymous said...

your hair looks great!!

Nen said...

baahahaha about the mullet!!

nice 'do!! :)

how could the girl NOT rinse all of the conditioner out of your hair? weird!

Jenners said...

I'm super jealous ... you have the hair I want but have never ever had. Looks fantastic!

apple wrangler said...

oh duh, you answered my question in the post.. i'm slow...:)

JMJE said...

ooh i like it. i also just got my hair cut and decided not to go with bangs b/c of the annoyingness of them.

Steph said...

My comment is related to the kitty - I do a Favorite Kitty Pic Friday linky post every Friday - always looking for more people to share in the fun! Check it out if you like!