Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrift Store Dress Haul

I've managed to knock out two of my 31 in 31 goals in one fell swoop:

#5 - Check out Liberty Thrift & #23 - Find and purchase a couple cheap summer dresses.

Dan and I stopped at Liberty after work. We've been meaning to check out this thrift shop for a while now (it's only about 5 minutes down the road), but this is the first time we made it. It certainly won't be the last!

I was really impressed. The place was a lot bigger than I expected, the prices were good, the store was clean, and they had a pretty big selection. I could have easily spent a couple hours browsing through the clothes. But since I had the husband in tow and limited funds, it was a pretty quick trip. But, successful nonetheless!

Here's what I ended up with - two cute summer dresses and a great short-sleeved cardigan (which was originally from Target!):

The photos don't actually do the dresses much justice - they look rather shapeless. However, they drape nicely when they're on, and they're in like-new condition. I especially love the pink one, with the ruffle detail. It goes great with the sweater and will look perfect with pearls!

The best part? Altogether, all three pieces were just over $10!


Mrs Gloves said...

Nice score!

Vickie said...

Those look cute! Great finds!

Melissa said...

cute! i love thrift stores!
i added you from jen's page, cute blog!

Nen said...

great finds!! i went to a thrift store in your town once... i don't remember what it was called though! but i can see it in my head!

apple wrangler said...

so cute! so.. when are the modeling shots coming?! <3

Rene W. said...

What great finds! I think the colors are fabulous :)

Leah said...

I really love the pink/salmon/coral dress - it's hard to tell what color exactly. I need to go thrifting, I always seem to find blah thrift stores & end up back at the clearance rack at Target.