Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I suppose it's "that time of year" again. I fall into the trap of making resolutions each January, even though everyone says it's actually the worst time of year to goal set. Go figure?

Anyway, since keeping up with my blog is a resolution in and of itself, I figured I might as well list some of the other things I'm planning for the new year. I'm trying to approach things differently in 2010 by setting more general, attainable goals. Theoretically, they should be easier to keep up with and I can expand them later on. Also, many of my resolutions have been in the process for a while - now I'm just making them official :)

1. Begin doula training
There will be a longer post about this later, but for the next few months, "training" basically translates to LOTS of reading.

2. I need to work on compartmentalizing
This mainly refers to work and home. I have a bad habit of letting my personal life spread over into my work environment and vice versa. It will benefit both areas of my life if I can keep them better separated. The obvious caveat here is that Daniel and I work at the same place. But, since we do two completely different jobs, it shouldn't be too difficult.

3. Eat healthier
I almost always begin the new year by making a weight loss resolution. Since I have only managed to gain weight over the last few years, I'm approaching things a little differently this time around. The goal here is not necessarily weight related (although, if it helps get me back down to a size 7, I won't complain!). I really just want to be healthier (and help Dan be healthier, too. Even if he kicks and screams and argues with me about buying organic). Especially after last year when I spent a good bit of time learning what nasty sorts of things are slipped into food while we remain blissfully ignorant. But, I digress for now... this is not the time to hop onto a soapbox.

4. Stop comparing myself to other people
A very detrimental habit of mine... 'nuff said, really.

5. Craft more!
About mid-November I was severely bitten by the crafting bug when I began planning for my aptly named Very Crafty Christmas. I have enjoyed crafting since I was little, but never so much as I have recently. Especially since I've been crafting more useful items as of late, such as dish cloths, cloth napkins, and travel knitting needle cases. This resolution also includes learning how to do more with my sewing machine and learning more techniques/projects for knitting and crocheting.

6. Purchase an SLR digital camera
Not really a resolution, but I will be working on saving for one :)

I'll try to revisit my resolutions later this year and give an update on how things are going.

What about you? Have you made any resolutions this year?

<3 Brittany

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