Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Photo Rewind

I feel like I have been going non-stop since about Wednesday evening when Dan decided that he wanted to bake a cake with our good friend Bob (surprising news to me, since he doesn't usually bake). And this was no ordinary cake.... it was a Jack-O-Latern shaped, M&M covered, pumpkin flavored cake. Facny-shmancy!

I wanted to devote a whole post just to the cake... but, Thursday, Dan and I left directly from work to go to New Jersey. We spent the night and all day Friday enjoying time with my sister, my nieces, and a large portion of the rest of my family.

We left late Friday night and I planned to write a whole post just about that day.... but, Saturday we woke up early to take Edward to the vet and after we got home, we left almost immediately with Amy and Derek to go to Lancaster for Bowlerama - the first fundraising event for You and Me on a Comeback (an amazing cancer comeback intiative founded by Jed Morris, my good friend Genevieve's main squeeze).

This was another event that I wanted a seperate post for... but, well, Sunday, aside from a few small projects around the apartment, I admittedly, was just plain lazy. Around 3:00, we left for center city Philadelphia (yes, Dan drove into the city willingly!) for our friend Rebekah's apartment warming.

Monday, I was going to do the post that you see before you now and mash all the events together. But, sadly, I was ill with stomach issues (I will spare you the gorry details) into the wee hours of Monday morning, so the rest of the day was basically a wash.

Today, no more excuses! Here is a summary of my weekend in photos:

There's my weekend (and then some!) in a nutshell.

<3 Brittany

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