Sunday, January 3, 2010

And Just for Fun...

A few snapshots from a wonderful holiday season:

Christmas Eve Eve (aka the 23rd) at my sister-in-law, Leah's, house - Mimi, and my little niece Ellie playing with Uncle Dan's hat (also, I love those PJ's!)

Daniel opening his Christmas Eve present (South Park pajamas)

Wearing the trimmings from my Christmas present from Madre

My beautiful niece Ashley...

... and her sister, another one of my beautiful nieces, Jamie, with my Pops

Peppermint chocolate donuts for Christmas morning. Mmmm....

Hello there, little duckies!

Christmas morning <3

You didn't know Santa was a SCUBA enthusiast, did you?

Not sure how this related to marine life, but here is The Bumble lighting the Christmas tree at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Another shot of Ellie :) This was New Year's morning, shortly after the Pork Fest (i.e. our excuse to eat gratuitous amounts of bacon and scrapple... what was I saying about eating healthy?)

Celebrating my sister-in-law, Rose's, birthday on NYE

<3 Brittany


Leah said...

1. I LOVE those peppermint chocolate donuts.

2. You got some great pics of Ellie, I might need to snag a few or you can upload them to our photo website once we get the holiday album up.

3. Ellie (and I) love the duckies. They are so fun!

Brittany said...

Yes - those donuts are amazing!!! I only eat donuts on Christmas, and those were definitely worth waiting for.

I'll hopefully be uploading the rest of the Christmas pictures to Facebook tonight so you can see the rest (I took a ton of pics of Ellie :)

Glad you both like the ducks!