Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Etsy Dreamin'

I've been seriously considering opening my own Etsy shop for quite some time (it will be named Chirp Shop ^-^). But, I keep stopping myself from actually doing it... mostly because I can't decide what to sell!!

Here's the problem: I'm not sure if things that I make are unique enough (i.e. are they too much like what's already being sold? And, what are the rules about selling similar items?) or if anybody would even be interested (my own fear of failure >.<). I need input!!

Here are a few things I'm considering stocking in Chirp Shop:

Option 1: Tutus with "tiaras" and princess wands (the adorable tutu model is my niece, Jasalyn)

Option 2: Zipper flower headbands (plus, hair ties and possibly pins or bracelets)

Option 3: Record bowls (below) and record clocks (not pictured) - they can be painted and stenciled, or just shellacked

Option 4: Scented bath salts in Mason Jars

My favorites the tutus and the record bowls, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Any opinions or advice will be greatly appreciate :)

<3 Brittany


Leah said...

I have a similar problem - what to sell & are my items unique enough? What makes them special?

Out of the things you listed, I think the zippered rosette head wear is the most unique - at least I've never seen anything like them before. I think they are really cool looking.

Tutus are really popular, so while there are a lot of them on Etsy, they probably are all doing well b/c they are so popular right now.

Kara said...

put them all up for sale at reasonable prices for a month and see how they do--- then adjust from there

ps- the zipper headbands? awesome

Mrs Gloves said...

I love the record bowls! They are so unique!

Amanda said...

you can sell anything you want, you don't have to make it just one thing. If you can't decide, just sell them all.

Amy said...

I looooove the headband (as you know, hehe) but also the record bowls. Those are both things that you seriously can't get anywhere else. I've never seen them for sale before! Tutus, tiaras and bath salts, while cute, can be found elsewhere. But I agree-- put them all up there! Ya never know who's looking for what.


Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I think the headbands and the tutus and such all fit a common theme. So you could do them together.

And frankly, I would do the record bowls too. Who cares if they're not similar products?

Nen said...

I have never seen anything like the record bowls. I bet that would go over pretty well!

I have seen a lot of tutus on blogs and etsy... but if you make them a little bit unique, you could probably pull it off!

I have been wanting to make a zipper necklace... I just can't figure it out! Love the headband idea!

I struggle with the same thing as far as my Etsy Shop. I've sold a little bit... but not enough to keep me motivated and upbeat about it. Might as well give it a shot though! What do you have to lose?

Brittany said...

thanks all for the advice and the encouragement!! It is very much appreciated. as soon as i have the funds to get my supplies for the items, I'll get the shop up and running. Look for Chirp Shop to open soon ;)