Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Way to My Husband's Heart

Tonight, at Daniel's request, I made pineapple stuffing for dinner.

This is the first time I've made it for him (actually... the first time I've made it ever, which is astonishing considering how easy and delicious it is!). I knew he would be excited because he loves pineapple stuffing and often laments the fact that he only gets to eat it on holidays (does it make me a bad wife that it took me over a year to cook one of my husband's favorite side dishes?).

But, I didn't realize just how excited he would be! Daniel was positively giddy while the stuffing was baking. I think he asked me every 10 minutes how much longer it would be until it was done. He practically squealed when he could smell the sweet, pineapple-y goodness throughout the apartment.

And how did it taste? I got an immediate, contented, and drawn out "Mmmmmmm...." of approval upon the first bite (that certainly makes a girl feel good!).

So, I do believe that their is truth to the old adage of "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach", at least in the case of my husband.

This is how much we had left when all was said and done (and I'm pretty sure he'll polish off the rest at work tomorrow...):

<3 Brittany


Leah said...

Mmmm, pineapple stuffing. Family favorite. I do think that it is nice to cook hubby's favorites UNLESS you detest them. For instance Jim LOVES deviled eggs. I think they are vile. I refuse to make them & he doesn't bother either. So, he gets them when his Mom makes them & I don't feel bad at all. Of course, he is welcome to make them anytime he wants, as long as I don't have to eat them.

Amy said...

What is in pineapple stuffing? That looks delish.

Kara said...

What's the recipe?!?!

Brittany said...

I'll post the recipe soon... promise! :)