Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

On Sunday, Dan and I went to north Jersey to celebrate our niece Ashley's 5th birthday. Ashley is such remarkable person. This little one was born 3.5 months before her due date and fought for her life in the NICU for her first few months (I'll never forget the utter disbelief I felt upon receiving that phone call...).

Today, she is a typical, rambunctious 5 year old. And in my completely un-biased opinion, one of the sweetest, most adorable little girls in the world ;) We had a blast playing with her (and our equally sweet and adorable niece, Jamie) and celebrating the beginning of her fifth year.

Dance parties are quickly becoming a family tradition whenever we get together with these two.

Giving a piggy-back ride to the Birthday Girl

My sister-in-law, Stacie, bringing out the yummy Strawberry Shortcake cake

Present time!

See? The photos speak for themselves - I wasn't lying when I said they were adorable!

<3 Brittany

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