Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Hansen's Soda

I would like to officially proclaim my love for Hansen's Natural Cane Soda. It is one of life's little blessings.

Although I have sampled it before (and loved it), I had not yet seen it in any of my local groceries... until this week! You can imagine my delight when I found it in Genaurdi's just nonchalantly tucked in among the Pepsi's. I let out a squeal of joy. And then squealed again when I saw that they were on sale. I mean really, how could I not buy some?

What makes this soda so fab? Not only is free of preservatives, sodium, caffeine, and flippin' high fructose corn syrup (as the name suggests, it's sweetened with natural cane sugar), it also comes in several unique (and delicious!!) flavors. This time around, I purchased Cherry Vanilla Creme and Kiwi Strawberry and they are both amazing. There really is a noticeable, more clean, flavor versus regular soda.

Oddly, I have also noticed that Hansen's makes me burp a heck of a lot more. They are also louder and longer. Don't know what that means really, but it's fun to torment the husband with my loud, drawn out burps - especially when I'm dressed in a skirt and wearing pearls. I am all kinds of classy, I know ;)

And yes, I know I'm supposed to be eating healthy and not drinking much soda, but I promise I've been good! It's all in moderation.

Anywho - the moral of the story is that I love Hansen's Soda.... And, you should, too! :D


Leah said...

I like Hansen's too. Trader Joes always has it at a good price. I also really like the soda at Whole Foods, their 365 brand. I think it's either $1.99 or $2.49 for a 6-pack. Fun flavors, but they also have a cola & a tonic water (g & t's anyone???), also hfcs free!

bratts29 said...

Hi! Stopping by from Lady Blogger Tea Party! Love your blog! Can't wait to check out more!
Bratts (Double Shot of Espresso)