Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Love Story

In honor of Valentine's Day (because I'm a sucker for all things sappy, romantic, pink, heart-shaped, and/or chocolate-covered), I decided to write mine and Daniel's (slightly fictionalized) love story. Enjoy!

The Courting of Daniel & Brittany

Once upon time, in the far away land of New Jersey, was born a young lass named Brittany Beth. In a town not so far away from Brittany, lived a certain young lad, named Daniel Joseph. Although the two star-crossed lovers lived but a stones throw from one another, they were not destined to meet until much later in their lives.

Many years later, on a rainy day in late August, Brittany moved to a magical land called Eastern University. Unbeknownst to her, the young lad, Daniel, had also moved to this magical land on the very same day!

The pair first crossed paths in their Tae Kwon Do class, but spoke nary a word to each other. You see, each one looked upon the other with contempt, both believing that the other was insufferable. A relationship for this pair did seem likely.

But, alas! There was a light at the end of the tunnel.

As it turned out, Brittany and Daniel shared a mutual friend and the three discovered a new-found love of swing dancing. Ever so slowly, our star-crossed lovers began to commune with one another. And, what's this? Realized they had a lot in common. They both acknowledged that their first impressions were quite wrong, indeed!

Soon, the pair were spending much time together, touring the mystical bowling alleys of South Jersey, enjoying fine cuisine at such hot spots as Wawa and The Phily Diner, and, of course, dancing the night away whenever possible.

It quickly became clear that Brittany and Daniel were falling love. Their courtship officially began upon Brittany's receiving of note from Daniel, which stated that "he really like her" and "wanted to know if she felt the same".

Brittany's heart was a-flutter! And, although Daniel would insist years later that the line "do you like me? Yes or No - check one", which was also scrawled on the note, was meant to be a joke, he did not refute his lady when she announced to a group of their friends several days later that they were dating (he was glad to be past the pesky business of asking her out and relieved that he didn't actually have to do it).

Their courtship continued for several years and the two would speak of marriage and dream of their lives together. Brittany did not know that Daniel already possessed a lovely ring of diamond and pink sapphire and his mind was a-buzz with ideas of how to propose.

His plans came to fruition on a chilly Thursday evening - Valentine's Day in the year of our Lord, two thousand and eight.

The young lad and young lad lass went to go swing dance with many of their friends, as they did each Thursday. Early in the evening, Daniel presented Brittany with flowers, thus filling her with joy. "How good of him to remember Valentine's Day!" she thought. But, little did she know, the best was yet to come.

As the evening drew on, and the music swelled, the star-crossed lovers found themselves dancing with one another. Brittany could not help but notice the moisture on Daniel's palms, but thought nothing of it.

Suddenly, she was spun into a dip as Daniel's accomplice slyly slid the lovely ring into his waiting palm. As Brittany was stood back up and spun back around, she was shocked to see that her partner was not standing.

What's this? He was bowed before her on a single knee.

Before she could make sense of the scene set before her, the music stopped and air was electric with anticipation. She could feel all eyes upon them. And then she heard her love speak:

"Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Still surprised and completely in awe of the event, Brittany's eyes welled with tears as she whispered an emphatic "Yes!"

Daniel slid the lovely ring of diamond and pink sapphire onto her awaiting finger and the two embraced. Both were filled indescribable excitement and joy and couldn't help but laugh.

The room exploded with shouts of congratulations as the music swelled once more and their friends engulfed them. It was indeed a magical night for our young lad and lass.

A few short months later, after much planning, the two married in the most beautiful of ceremonies, filled with music and dancing and those who were dearest to their hearts. Never was there a happier bride or groom.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

don't worry - it's the ring finger! ;)

<3 Brittany


Renee Weatherford said...

What a completely ADORABLE story! I <3 your blog! :)

Housewife Bliss said...

great stroy, I love the fact that you used the word courting, I use that and my husband laughs at me, but then I use the term ruffians as well.... thanks for following me. Am now following you too.

Shana said...

Hi! I am here for the Lady Blogger's Tea party. I saw where you had visited my blog and was so thrilled at your comment on it. It made me feel so good to see such sweet words. I LOVE your love story. So very well told and chronicled. Very creative. I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more. God Bless You.