Monday, February 1, 2010

Resolution Recap

Waaaaay back in the beginning of January (am my the only one who feels like January just dragged on this year?) I compiled my 2010 resolutions into a list for all the blogsphere to see. Now that February is here, I've decided to take a look back at said resolutions to see if I have, indeed, been resolved. The plan to is to revisit this list at the beginning of each month so I have some way to keep myself accountable. We'll see how it goes... Onto the resolutions!

1. Keep up With my Blog
I am very pleased to say that this has been a success thus far! For full results, refer to all previous posts :D

2. Begin Doula Training
This is slow going, but I expected it to be for now. I've been doing my reading (so far, I've only gotten through one book from the DONA reading list - The Family Bed - but, was reading another doula related book prior to that one. Today, I will be starting Depression in New Mothers). As soon as I'm mobile again, I'm planning to attend weekly La Leche League meetings in Exton. The meetings should be a great place to learn more about breast feeding and to talk to local birth professionals and new mommas.

3. Compartmentalizing Work-Life and Home-Life
Hm... I kind of fail here. Compartmentalizing is 100% a mental game, so there's no tangible way to judge how I'm doing. Work has been wacky and stressful this month, so it's been hard not to bring the stress home. But, knowing that I'm trying to work on it has caused me to at least steer conversations differently when I find myself talking about work too much. So, it's a start!

4. Eat Healthier
I have been surprising myself with how well this has been going. Of course, I haven't completely eliminated chocolate or anything crazy like that. But, I've cut back a lot and have been really purposeful about the food that I've been putting in my body (also, I watched Food, Inc. this weekend which makes me want to become self-sufficient on my own farm and never go to the grocery ever again... but that's a different topic for a different time). I've also been craving and devouring vegetables like crazy! I've been craving sweets much less since I've stopped eating them so much. I also upped my water intake, and have eliminated carbonated drinks almost completely.

The wonky part has been that I've been sick twice ... twice!! ... with a stomach bug this month, so I did spend several days on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) and then pigged out a bit this weekend because I'd hardly eaten the week prior. But, today, I'm back on track.

5. Stop Comparing Myself to Other People
Eh, not doing so good with this one either. Like compartmentalizing, this is a mental game. It's so very hard to change your mind's bad habits. But, if I find myself comparing, I try to be very purposeful about thinking about something else or doing something to distract myself from this damaging thinking. Again, it's a start!

6. Craft More
Yup! I'm right on track here. I'm very excited about my project for the Valentine's Day Blog Exchange (which I'll post about soon!). I've also finished the prototype for the zipper rosette headbands, made myself a felt knitting needle case, sewed a couple of pillows, and a few other miscellaneous things. Sadly though, I haven't done much knitting or crocheting this month. But, the more I whip out my sewing machine, the more I've been falling in love with sewing. So, there'll probably more sewing projects in the near future. I'll pick up my needles again soon.

7. Purchase an SLR digital camera
No progress here :( Finances have been extra tight this month for this reason and that reason... so, not much wiggle room to begin saving for such an extravagance. Maybe we'll get lucky though and get a stellar tax refund that will pay for a new/used car AND a camera. Hey, a girl can dream ;)

So, that's that. I'd say overall, things are going well. Looking back on my progress is definitely motivating and helps the resolutions to feel new again. Time to charge into February with fresh resolve!

<3 Brittany


Leah said...

Are the LLL meetings in Exton the closest ones? It seems so far, but maybe not. I wonder if there is anyone you can talk to, even for an informational interview, at the Birth Center. The woman who taught our birth classes was a Doula & a Child Birth Educator. They do a decent amount of post partum stuff, too. Near me there is a place called the Breastfeeding Resource Center. It's a really neat place, not sure if it would be helpful or not - it's in Glenside.

On another note, how was Food, Inc? I have a book or 2 regarding food stuff you might want to borrow. One is lent out already, but I have another.

Brittany said...

There are LLL meetings that are closer, but Exton is the only one I found that's in the evening. I'll check again when I can actually go. Until we get another car, I'm kind of stuck. I'll have to check out those other places you mentioned, too.

Food, Inc. was good. Similar to the book Fast Food Nation (they interview the author, Eric Schlosser, quite a bit). It goes more into what they do with chickens and the a whole debacle with soy bean ownership that makes you feel like you can't win even if you try eat healthy because of all the government control. like it said, it really makes me want to start a farm and raise my own food. if only i could get Daniel to sit down and watch it... What books do you have? I just got one called Sweet Deception all about artificial sweetners. Haven't started it yet, but it looks good (plus it was only $1 at the thrift shop!)

Katie said...

Maybe money from your soon-to-have Etsy shop could go into a "camera fund" jar?

Keep up the great work on your goals!

Leah said...

We have Michael Pollan's, "The Omnivore's Dilemma," and I also have Barbara Kingsolver's, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." Pollan has 2 other books out, too, one quite new I think. Sweet Deception sounds neat, I hate all of that artificial sweetener stuff. I am excited to try Throwback Pepsi (not that I really buy or drink soda, but maybe if it sells enough they will make it more?).

I hear you on one car, we had one car for over 2 years. It had lots of benefits, but was tricky for that kind of stuff. I had a lot of trouble w/ doctor's appts.

Want to buy a mini cooper?